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Funded PhDs available in Bristol in the following areas: Computational Statistics and Data Science, Interactive AI, Cyber Security and Digital Health.

There appears to me to be a difficulty in this conclusion: that happenings which depend upon an infinite number of cases cannot be determined by a finite number of experiments; indeed nature has her own habits, born from the return of causes, but only 'in general'. And so, who will say whether a subsequent experiment will not stray somewhat from the rule of all the preceding experiments, because of the very mutabilities of things? [Letter from Leibniz to Bernoulli, 3 December 1703. Quoted in: Cussens, Probability and Statistics in Antognazza (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Leibniz, OUP, 2018.]


GOBNILP software for Bayesian network structure learning

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I have recently moved to the University of Bristol and am seeking suitably qualified PhD students. If you are interested in probabilistic graphical models, integer programming applications in machine learning or statistical relational learning then contact me.

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Please ignore any webpages concerning GOBNILP hosted at the University of York. They are out of date and hopefully will disappear soon. Use the following links to get the C/SCIP and Python/Gurobi versions of GOBNILP, respectively:

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2020-  Senior Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence University of Bristol
2001-2020 Senior Lecturer in the Artificial Intelligence Group University of York
Oct 1997-2001 Lecturer in the Artificial Intelligence Group University of York
Feb 1996-Sept 1997 Researcher on the ILP2 project University of Oxford
1994-1995 Researcher on the ISSAFE project Glasgow Caledonian University
1991-1993 Researcher on the RUBS project King's College London
1990 Researcher on a stepwise refinement project University of Oxford
1986-1989 PhD student in Philosophy of Science King's College London
1983-1986 BSc student in Mathematics University of Warwick

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Address Dept of Computer Science, University of Bristol, Merchant Venturers Building, Woodland Road Bristol, BS8 1UB, UK
Email firstname.lastname AT bristol DOT ac DOT uk